Scientific Investing

Investment Management
With an Uncommon Clarity.

For more than a decade, Integrated Capital Management (iCM) has served the investment management needs of a diverse group of clients by making the complex world of finance simple.

Our approach to investment management is centered around advanced mathematics, precise systems, and data analysis. We refer to this as Scientific Investing.

This process, coupled with our valuation-based investment philosophy, allows us to create a wide array of portfolios to fit investors of varying size and need.

Take this journey with us.

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Who We Are

At iCM, Investment Management is the Mission that Defines Us.

We are market scholars, quantitative researchers, economists, and purveyors of investing truths. Above all, we are students of our profession who have navigated the best and worst of what the markets have to offer.  We diligently pursue a mastery of our craft, seeking a deeper understanding of how capital markets function and the drivers of market behavior.

Our Mission is to deliver an investment solution, rooted in our scientific process, that is both understandable and fundamentally sound, bringing clarity to a world that is driven by cliches and half-truths.

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