March 2023

Silicon Valley Bank Events & Insights

Folks...lots of rumblings on the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failure ranging from the sky is falling to nothing to see here.  Everyone is sifting through the ashes and data is still emerging, but we thought it would be appropriate to do a quick post on what we know and our interpretation of the events thus far.  This may change as things emerge, but these are our thoughts currently. 

Market Flash - February 2023

The market’s 2023 rally fizzled in February as strong economic data led to the realization that rates may need to be higher than expected in order to tame inflation. This resulted in a meaningful uptick in rates and a further inversion of the yield curve, which drove the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond index lower by 2.59%. U.S. stocks, trading on the hopes of a Fed pivot later in the year, also sold off, with the S&P 500 declining by 2.44%.